Selling Abroad – Tips to Sell in the the US vs Europe – Outside Sales Talk with Thibaut Souyris

Thibaut Souyris is the CEO and Founder of SalesLabs, a consulting company that trains and coaches B2B sales teams to start more conversations and close deals faster. He is also the co-host of The B2B Sales Podcast. In this episode, Thibaut shares his international experience and explains how to tackle sales in the European and American markets.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • How to sell in Europe vs the US
  • Different selling styles across European countries
  • How to avoid and overcome cultural misunderstandings
  • Tips for Americans to work better with Europeans

About the Guest:

Thibaut is a B2B tech sales expert, with broad experience in North America and EMEA. He currently trains salespeople to run better discovery calls, build healthy habits around early qualification, and bring energy to their deals. He has helped 100+ founders building sales organizations and worked with companies like Techstars, Comtravo or Back, and many European tech companies. He’s also a regular contributor for Sales Hacker, G2, Demodesk, and various other blogs.



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Deadly Assumptions that are Killing your B2B Sales – Outside Sales Talk with George Brontén

George Brontén is the CEO & Founder of, a SaaS company that enables B2B sales teams to execute their sales process, coach for higher results, and build predictable growth. He is also the author of the book “Stop Killing Deals: How to Gain Competitive Advantage by Viewing Sales through the Lens of Human Nature”. In this episode, George explains how to root out deadly assumptions and find sales success.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • What are the 3 deadly assumptions
  • How emotions affect decision-making
  • Ways to identify top sales performers
  • How to motivate reps towards discipline
  • Tips to find the best technology stack for you

About the Guest:

George is the “Sales Effectiveness Pioneer” at,  his mission is to learn from top salespeople how technology is either hurting or helping sales productivity. He builds software to bridge the gap between sales strategy and execution.




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Maximize your sales team’s growth with CRM – Outside Sales Talk with Wes Schaeffer

In today’s episode, Steve announces something really exciting!

After all the nominations you sent us for the Sales Hall of Fame, we’re presenting 6 new inductees! Each of them has given us their #1 sales tip on an exclusive video.

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Wes is the CEO and founder of “The Sales Whisperer” a platform in which he shares knowledge in sales and marketing. He also established himself as a CRM guru as he helps companies choose the CRM that fits their sales cycle best. In this episode, Wes discusses how CRMs have evolved and how to maximize their utilization.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • Why the stand-alone CRM is dead
  • What to consider when choosing a CRM
  • How to make sure sales reps actually utilize the company’s CRM
  • In what situations you might need a CRM consultant

About the Guest:

Wes is CEO and founder of “The Sales Whisperer”, a sales training, marketing, and consulting firm. He established himself as a CRM guru through books and talks he gave. Wes is a certified partner on HubSpot, Ontraport, and Infusionsoft. He put his knowledge of the field to use by helping businesses choose and implement CRMs.

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Distance Learning: Ultimate Benefits of Online Sales Training – Outside Sales Talk with Richard Harris

Richard Harris is an expert Sales Consultant, he has over 20 years of technology and SaaS experience in sales training, operations, and sales leadership. Richard is the Director of Sales Consulting and Training for Sales Hacker. He is also the co-host of the Surf & Sales podcast. In this episode, Richard explains how salespeople can benefit from online sales training.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • Richard’s secret formula for a winning online sales training program
  • How to successfully integrate coaching into your online training plan
  • Top tips to keep reps motivated during an online sales training session
  • The best tools salespeople can use to improve their training experience

About the Guest: Richard Harris has built, led, and consulted with a wide range of organizations including start-ups, mid-size companies, and global organizations. Some of the companies that he consults for include Mashery, Spanning, Outbound Engine, TopOpps, Village Voice Media, Riverdeep, DotNext Inc., Telecom Inc., and many more. Richard is also a regular speaker at the various Sales Hacker events, workshops, and SalesStack conference.

LinkedIn: number: 4155969149 Email:

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The Radical Path to Sales Enlightenment – Outside Sales Talk with Scott Leese

Scott is a top start-up sales leader and the best-selling author of “Addicted to the Process”. He’s the founder and CEO of Scott Leese Consulting, a firm that has helped companies scaling from $0 – $25m ARR. He is also the founder of Surf and Sales, a company that provides an alternative to standard sales conferences by providing deeper learning and meaningful relationships while learning to surf in a paradise destination. In this episode, Scott shares his two decades of sales and leadership experience and reveals his process to achieve sales success.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • How to be more confident and take effective decisions
  • Top tips for better work-life balance
  • The best habits to build a mindset for success
  • How to use the addiction model to close deals like a pro

About the Guest:

Based in Austin, TX, Scott is a 3-time winner of the Top 25 Inside Sales Professionals by the American Association of Inside Sales, and a highly sought-after consultant, adviser, leader, and sales trainer. He has been Senior Vice President of Sales at Qualia and OutboundEngine, as well as Vice President of Sales at Main Street Hub. Scott has spent his entire professional career building and scaling sales orgs at SaaS companies and has a proven track record of lifting organizations to new heights.



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Insider Tips on Being a Successful Sales Leader – Outside Sales Talk with Bill Caskey & Bryan Neale

Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale are Sales coaches and speakers, they co-hosts the Advanced Selling Podcast, a Top 30 Business Podcast on iTunes and one of the “19 podcasts worth more than an MBA” according to Inc. In this episode, Bill and Bryan show how to be a great leader and drive your team for success.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • How to develop a leadership mindset and become a “follow-able” leader
  • The secrets to build a healthy and successful team culture
  • The best ways to encourage reps to take on leadership roles
  • How to shift focus from your customer to your team

You can listen to this episode on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play or wherever you get your favorite podcast!

About the Guests:

Bryan Neale is a sales trainer and coach, who has helped B2B teams, managers, and CEOs for over 20 years. He is the CEO of Blind Zebra, a company that helps people take action on things they “say” they want to do but haven’t actually “done” anything yet. Bryan is also an NFL referee and loves training teams about the similarities between sales and football.

Bryan’s LinkedIn:

Bill Caskey is a sales coach leader who has written several books, including Same Game New Rules. He is also the creator of the 2X Group and World Class Sales Leader Masterminds. Bill is currently the president and founder of Caskey Achievement Strategies, a company which focused solely on developing B2B sales and leadership teams.

Bill’s LinkedIn:

Listen to Bill and Bryan’s podcast:

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