Coronavirus – How Your Sales Team Can Stay Successful – Outside Sales Talk with Jim Pancero


Jim Pancero has lived through five market disruptions and has mastered the art of leading a sales team through these unpredictable times. In this episode, Jim gives us some tips on how to navigate through the Coronavirus health crisis as sales professionals.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • How to utilize this downtime to keep market share and even build a competitive edge
  • The way a manager can help their reps get proactive and work harder
  • How to maintain a strong bond with existing customers
  • Why it is important to continue prospecting and how to do it

About the Guest:

Jim Pancero is a Sales Speaker who has guided sales professionals in more than 80 different industries. He has been chosen to be part of the Speakers Hall of Fame of the National Speakers Association. Through his talks and workshops, Jim helps sales teams to increase their personal “Powerhouse Selling Advantage.”

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