Crafting a Predictable Sales Pipeline – Outside Sales Talk with Jason Bay


Jason Bay is the Co-founder of Blissful Prospecting, a company that helps B2B sales reps, SMBs, and nonprofits create sustainable revenue growth. At Blissful Prospecting, he’s in charge of growing the company through marketing and sales efforts. His sales experience dates back to 2008, having worked with hundreds of sales reps and personally closed millions of dollars in revenue during his career. In this episode, Jason explains how to build a predictable pipeline from scratch and to convert your prospects into valuable clients.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • The best ways to keep your sales pipeline full using effective prospecting
  • How to take advantage of segmentation to communicate with prospects
  • Tips to empathize better with prospects 
  • What is the R.E.P.L.Y method and how to use it to improve your outbound strategy

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Summary of the R.E.P.L.Y method:




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