How to Get More Qualified Sales Meetings – Outside Sales Talk with Tito Bohrt


Tito Bohrt is the founder and CEO of AltiSales, a global sales consultancy that provides services and solutions in technology, sales operations and development. As a sales trainer, Tito has helped many sales executives build world class sales teams, increase response rates and set more meetings. This episode is loaded with thought-provoking and actionable advice! Tito shares real life examples of how to make a great cold call, leave a voicemail that gets the prospects attention and more! Listen in and learn how to approach prospecting in a new and more efficient way and set more qualified meetings!

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • Quick prospecting hack to set yourself up for success
  • The most efficient way to get qualified leads
  • How to leave successful voicemails – example from Tito
  • How to make a cold call – role play with Tito and Steve
  • How to follow up after meetings – concrete email example


If you want more in-depth tips on how to follow up after a sales meeting, check out Steve’s training video here. He shares when and how you need to follow up with prospects and other helpful tricks that will help you close deals faster!

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About the Guest:  As the CEO of AltiSales, Tito Bohrt works with CEOs, VPs of Sales & Marketing who want to increase cold outreach response rates and ultimately set more qualified meetings. With employees in 4 cities in the US and 3 other countries, AltiSales drives innovation to improve the way Sales Development is executed. Tito is also a keynote speaker, has given a TED Talk and is a passionate B2B SaaS Angel Investor.



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