How to Get Started in Sales – Outside Sales Talk with Bob Etherington



Bob Etherington has been developing his reputation for sales success since the 1970’s in a career that has spanned many key global markets and several recessions. He now leads strategic sales programs for all levels of the selling profession. He is also the author of “Selling Skills for Complete Amateurs”. In this episode, Bob explains how to make your next sales pitch so compelling that your prospects want to pay you for your time.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • Why you should start in your sales career in a company with a great training system
  • How to get your prospects to talk themselves into a sale
  • The importance of listening skills in sales
  • The benefits of asking your prospects powerful questions
  • Tips to create value and avoid becoming a talking brochure

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About the Guest: During his career, Bob has sold products and services from Houston to Tokyo and from Norway to Johannesburg. He was a Main Board Director of Reuters Transactions Services Ltd and since 2001 has run his own training company. He was recently guest of honor and keynote speaker at the annual UK conference of the Society of Sales Innovation. Bob is also the author of several best selling books, like “Cold Calling for Chickens”, “Presentation Skills for Quivering Wrecks”, “Negotiating Skills for Virgins” and “Selling Skills for Complete Amateurs”.


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