How to Triple your Qualified Leads While on the Road – Outside Sales Talk with Shawn Finder


Shawn Finder is the founder and CEO of Autoklose, a revolutionary outbound sales automation platform. He is also the author of “The B2B Sales Handbook” and has been named a Top 25 Sales Engagement influencer. In this episode, Shawn explains how to use automation tools to get more qualified leads and keep your sales process ongoing!

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • How sales reps can find time to generate qualified leads
  • The best tools to save time and automate your tasks
  • How to ensure a great follow-up with your prospects
  • Tips to get in front of decision makers and identify their pain points

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About the Guest:

Shawn was one of North America’s top tennis players before getting his MBA and starting a career in sales. He stepped into the entrepreneurial world at the age of 24 and discovered that selling was his passion. In 2013, Shawn founded ExchangeLeads, a list-building company that helps salespeople build quality lists for reaching out to new prospects. He created Autoklose in 2018 to help salespeople save time and automate their tasks.




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