Implementing Successful Sales Operations Processes – Outside Sales Talk with Enrico Nebbia


Enrico Nebbia is an international sales consultant, speaker and the founder of Ekselia Partners, a business consultancy specialized in sales transformation initiatives. He helps B2B companies implement successful sales operations strategies and adopt the right tools and methodologies to improve their sales effectiveness. He is passionate about sales operations and shares how you can strengthen your sales process and enable your field sales team to perform at its best!

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • The key responsibilities of sales operations
  • How to succeed in sales operations
  • Actionable steps to develop a successful sales operations strategy
  • Proven methodology to implement structured processes
  • How to get the most out of your CRM


Implementing the right tools for your sales team is an important responsibility of sales operations. Many sales companies are using artificial intelligence tools (AI) to increase their sales and automate busy work. Increase your team’s selling hours and learn how you can grow your revenue with AI here!

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About the Guest: Enrico Nebbia is an IT and electronics engineer by education, and started his professional career as a software developer. After his MBA, he transitioned into international strategy consulting in the Telco sector, and from there went into more operational consulting in industrial companies.

In 2007, Enrico co-founded Sendas Value, a business consultancy, where he focussed on helping customers boosting their sales results through better sales operations and sales enablement.

Enrico has founded Ekselia Partners, a sales consultancy exclusively specialised in sales transformation, where he helps CxOs to better manage their sales efforts. Over the years, Enrico has developed and refined a salesforce management methodology that has proven to be very effective in many industrial sectors. He has therefore founded the company ExecutionPro which is building a software around this management methodology. The software supports sales managers and reps in their analysis of the sales situation, planning and follow-up of sales activities. Ultimately, it allows salespeople to receive automatic recommendations about specific actions to undertake with their customers and prospects.

On the side, Enrico is an adjunct professor in sales and marketing at EADA and TBS business schools in Barcelona, Spain.



Twitter: @NebbiaEnrico

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