Insights from a Purchasing Director: Pay Day Conversations – Outside Sales Talk with Sonia Dumas


Sonia Dumas is the Founder of Curio Haus; an innovative company focused on helping execution-driven leaders generate extreme results by scaling and building powerful offers.

She is a featured speaker and author at CPA Academy, Intuit Tax Pro Center, The Sales Expert Channel, and She is also doing research focused on scaling small businesses and Cryptocurrency’s impact on business.


In this episode, Sonia talks about how to build strong connections with prospects that will lead to purchasing decisions. 


Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • The most important tactics to be unique and stand out amongst the competition
  • How to be more flexible when selling to get conversions
  • How to start seeding prospects by improving the experiences you create for your prospects
  • What Payday conversations are
  • The 3 C’s to make your offer win


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