Managing Your Career Path in Field Sales – Outside Sales Talk with Mike Hayes


Outside Sales Talk with Mike Hayes

Mike Hayes is an expert in the medical sales industry and has worked for top companies including Johnson & Johnson, Glaxo, Novartis and Merck. Mike is also the host of the Get Hired In Medical Sales podcast.


In this episode, Mike tells us how field salespeople can develop a long-term career plan, as well as tips he has for field salespeople who are looking to network and build a group of influential connections.


Here are some topics covered in this episode:


  • How salespeople can stay up-to-date on new sales trends and work on their sales skills
  • What role mentorship plays in a salesperson’s career
  • How salespeople can assess whether or not it’s time to look for new sales job opportunities
  • What all salespeople should do daily to become more successful


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