Maximize your sales team’s growth with CRM – Outside Sales Talk with Wes Schaeffer


In today’s episode, Steve announces something really exciting!

After all the nominations you sent us for the Sales Hall of Fame, we’re presenting 6 new inductees! Each of them has given us their #1 sales tip on an exclusive video.

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Wes is the CEO and founder of “The Sales Whisperer” a platform in which he shares knowledge in sales and marketing. He also established himself as a CRM guru as he helps companies choose the CRM that fits their sales cycle best. In this episode, Wes discusses how CRMs have evolved and how to maximize their utilization.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • Why the stand-alone CRM is dead
  • What to consider when choosing a CRM
  • How to make sure sales reps actually utilize the company’s CRM
  • In what situations you might need a CRM consultant

About the Guest:

Wes is CEO and founder of “The Sales Whisperer”, a sales training, marketing, and consulting firm. He established himself as a CRM guru through books and talks he gave. Wes is a certified partner on HubSpot, Ontraport, and Infusionsoft. He put his knowledge of the field to use by helping businesses choose and implement CRMs.

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