Proactive Prospecting to Boost your Sales – Outside Sales Talk with Tibor Shanto


Starting off his career in B2B sales in the 1980’s, Tibor Shanto has been in the industry for years now, having held almost every possible sales role at some point. Branded as a ‘brilliant sales tactician,’ he has worked with companies of various sizes, helping increase their growth and achieve revenue goals.

In this episode, Tibor emphasizes the importance of actively prospecting to maximize sales growth and attain all your goals.

Here are some topics covered in this episode:

  • Focusing on customer motivation
  • Leading prospect conversations
  • Building trust through stories
  • Finding solutions for pain points

About the Guest:

Tibor is currently the Chief Value Officer of Renbor Sales Solutions Inc, where he helps organizations carry out their strategies and achieve their sales goals efficiently. As the Director of Sales Bloggers Union, his article “How to Shorten your Sales Cycle” was voted #1 by readers of Top Ten Sales articles and his work has been published on many leading sales websites. Tibor is also the Advisory Board Member to Zero Emissions World where he helps battle climate change and strengthen our environment.

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