Selling Abroad – Tips to Sell in the the US vs Europe – Outside Sales Talk with Thibaut Souyris


Thibaut Souyris is the CEO and Founder of SalesLabs, a consulting company that trains and coaches B2B sales teams to start more conversations and close deals faster. He is also the co-host of The B2B Sales Podcast. In this episode, Thibaut shares his international experience and explains how to tackle sales in the European and American markets.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • How to sell in Europe vs the US
  • Different selling styles across European countries
  • How to avoid and overcome cultural misunderstandings
  • Tips for Americans to work better with Europeans

About the Guest:

Thibaut is a B2B tech sales expert, with broad experience in North America and EMEA. He currently trains salespeople to run better discovery calls, build healthy habits around early qualification, and bring energy to their deals. He has helped 100+ founders building sales organizations and worked with companies like Techstars, Comtravo or Back, and many European tech companies. He’s also a regular contributor for Sales Hacker, G2, Demodesk, and various other blogs.



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