Triangle Selling: Sales Fundamentals to Fuel Growth – Outside Sales Talk with Hilmon Sorey & Cory Bray


Hilmon Sorey and Cory Bray are the founders of ClozeLoop, a sales management consulting & training firm based in San Francisco. ClozeLoop shows executives how to apply frameworks which are rocket fuel for revenue growth. They have worked with thousands of salespeople and hundreds of companies worldwide to improve performance, process, and profitability. They have also written 4 best-selling books. In this episode, they reveal how to achieve long-term success in your sales team by using tactical frameworks that drive repeatable results.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • How to replicate top sales practices across your team
  • The best time and way to ask for referrals
  • Sales fundamental tips to move a deal towards the close
  • How to keep momentum between meetings
  • Scaling your team with a sales process methodology

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